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5 Thing to Do Before Listing Your Home This Spring

By Stephen and Tiffany Brewer

Spring is upon us, and the spring real estate is active as always! Spring is a great time to list your home. Can you say beautiful, sunny pictures with your pretty trees and flowers in bloom? No matter what time of year you plan to list, there are few things you can start doing right now to prepare!

Here’s how you can start preparing your home to list: 

Neighborhood Sidewalk

Start to declutter
First impressions are everything! From your first photos to the showings of your home,you want your home to be ready. The worst thing to happen to you as a seller, is someone not being able to look past your decor or family pictures. 

Emotion drives buyers’ decisions, and you don’t want to hinder them from being able to picture themselves in your home because of your clutter. Declutter as much as possible- it can set your home apart from other homes on the market, and is very attractive to buyers!

Work on your entryway 
Curb appeal is so important, and nothing can be more important than the front porch. Grab a potted flower and a stand to spruce up the area. Pressure wash your porch and railings. Another project, that most home-owners can do themselves, is painting the front door. Be sure to pick a neutral color like black or charcoal gray! 

Deep clean- and we mean clean
Picture walking into an upscale hotel room, everything is clean and tidy. This is the feeling you want buyers to have when they walk in your home! When windows are cleaned inside and out and base boards are scrubbed, it’s amazing the reaction by buyers. They love to walk into a home and not have to worry about what is lurking under that rug, or hiding in a cabinet. After you clean for pictures, be sure to keep your home show ready until you have your home under contract!

Hire a Realtor
 Did you know 91 percent of some sellers use a real estate agent to sell their home in 2017? A Realtor can help you strategically price your home based on the market and show you how the condition of your home compared to other homes on the market can affect the price of your home.

We would love to help you and enjoy consulting our clients as they are in the process of preparing to sell their home. We are always strategic in our listings, from the time or day of the week we list, to showing you the best ways to get your home ready for a quick sell at the best price, give us a call to schedule a consulting appointment when you’re ready to find out what it will take to sell your home!